Friday, May 10, 2013

day 10: most embarrassing moments

Day 10: Most embarrassing moments

First and foremost, I have had a lifetime of embarrassing moments some printable and some definitely not - but for the life of me, I am having a selective memory today.  So I will tell you about an incident that happened a few years ago:  It was a nice sunny Sunday morning and I was in the habit of taking a brisk walk around my neighborhood.  Now mind you, we have a chorus of lovely birds chirping every morning as we have a neighborhood full of mainly friendly birds.  I love watching them fly from tree to tree.  We actually have nest in our porch light and I don't have the heart to ruin it for them.  Anyways, back to my walk: I was walking past a house that was being remodeled, no one had lived in it for some time, when I heard a bird squaking flying towards me.  All of a sudden, this HUGE crow swooped right down and knocked me on the side of the head with it's beak.  I thought " WTH?"  and started walking faster, when he came back around and did it again....well enough was enough and I started running for my life....haha...I felt like I was in the movie, The Birds.  I ran for at least a block.  It was pretty embarrassing, as there were a few people out working in their yards, but more than anything it shocked me.  After I got home, I realized my glasses that I had on the top of my head were missing...Dare I go back to the scene of the assault?  Of course, when I was telling Alex the story, he was looking at me very seriously with a concerned look on his face, when we both just burst out laughing...It's times like this that I can look back on and have a good laugh.  Thankfully, when I went back to look for my glasses - that mean bird was nowhere to be found!  For a long time, I wouldn't walk down that street, but when I do nowadays, I am always on the look out.  haha.....

Have a beautiful day, friends!


simone antoniazzi said...


I think this is the one post in the challenge that I might sit out, I can't think of many embarrassing moments...and the ones I can are for my memory only!!

Happy Week-end XX

Lori said...

That is priceless ~ love that story and I don't run for much but I would have run too!


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