Thursday, June 5, 2014

why I live where I live....

My fabulous friend, Simone of the wonderful blog

series and asked me if I'd be interested in participating and

my answer was - yes DEFINITELY!!

I think it will be a wonderful series and one that

I am very interested in reading about myself!

This is what her series is about:

"Why I Live Where I Live" is a new blog series
 which I am going to be featuring over the next few weeks.
I have always been interested in where people
 live & why they live there, if it's a temporary
 or permanent home or if they have a plan to move somewhere else....
What brought them to where they are now, a plan or just chance....
and if they can see themselves staying there forever.
Is another city or country their dream home?

I have asked some of my favourite bloggers to
 answer these questions & look forward to hearing what they have to say....
I also asked them to choose just one instagram photo
to accompany their post, a photo that in
 some way sums up their post, their home & their town/city.

Head on over to Simone's wonderful blog,

The Bottom of The Ironing Basket

to read why I live where I live!

Have a beautiful day, friends!



simone antoniazzi said...

Thank you glad that you agreed to participate in this & very happy to be featuring you first :)

I loved reading your post & I learned some new things about you - apparently in the years we've been blogging, we still haven't quite shared everything LOL!

And I must tell you how much I love this's such a gorgeous shade of blue & really looks like a place to be happy in.

Thank you Cathi Xx

Lori said...

I loved reading your story Cathi and how you came to be where you are. I love learning new things about people that I adore. xoxo


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