Monday, January 12, 2009

Local Field Trips

One lazy Sunday morning, it was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to take a local field trip and I started in Santa Monica.

This picture was taken on Ocean Ave, where people are jogging, walking, stretching, sleeping, reading and just enjoying the weekend, after all that is what they do in Santa Monica right?

For an extra added work out, alot of people start with "The Stairs" - two sets of very long, steep flights off of 4th Street and San Vicente Blvd. The first time I did this - I said to myself "this is easy, what a piece of cake" (of course that was while I was going down the steps).

All of the people that were coming up the stairs were huffing and puffing and sweating, and I thought " Wow they must really be out of shape".

The laugh was on me, when I started walking up the stairs and had to pause between flights. There was a moment that I thought that I wouldn't survive the steps. My advice: TAKE IT SLOW!

Glad, that I survived the steps - I paused for several minutes while catching my breath and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

The Venice Canals - not the ones in Italy, of course - but a quaint area a few miles south of Santa Monica, where you can grab a drink of choice - mine being coffee and take a nice long walk around the remaining six canals.

It is one of the coolest places that I have seen and I enjoyed just walking & looking at all the beautiful flowers and plants and the wide variety of houses. What I would give to spend a weekend in one of those houses with my friends.

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Tracy said...

You have the coolest places to walk! I love the canals, too. That is probably my favorite place in all of the LA area. We'll have to walk there together someday!


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