Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Saturday & Thank You!

Have A Sweet Weekend!
A very big THANK YOU to Nicolette at SIMPLY COLETTE for this Very Inspiring Blog Award. She is a very inspiring blogger herself and I enjoy reading her blog daily, please check her out!

I start out my day reading quite a few blogs, but listed below are a few ladies that are inspiring to me, so I send this award on to them:

Girl Meets Paris

The Bottom of The Ironing Basket


A Shade of Gray


Simone said...

Congratulations Cathi - I read your blog daily and always really enjoy what you write.

Thank you so much for my award....I am thrilled! I really appreciate the lovely comments that you leave on my blog, this week especially - please know that you make a difference to my day...kindness is everything and you are a wonderful example of that.

Would you mind if I helped myself to one of those delicious looking cakes while I am here LOL!!?

Happy Week-end to you :)

Lori said...

Oh Cathi ~ thank you so much for the award!! I am tickled pink every time I receive a comment on one of my posts as I do tend to over think some of them! I am glad that you come to visit everyday as I am over at your place too! I love reading your blog while drinking my morning coffee.
Hope you are having a fabulous week-end!

Michelle @ A Shade of Gray said...

Awwww, thank you so much Cathi! Your blog inspires me too - the gorgeous pictures you post are breathtaking and they always send me on a mini-vacation if even for a moment.

I can't wait to share my award on my blog and I think I will accompany it with the story on how we met :-)


Teri said...


Thank you so much for the mention and the Blog award. I am so grateful. I plan to catch up on all my blog reading when I get back to the US, but wanted to stop by and say a big "thank you."



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