Saturday, October 24, 2009


(photo via here)


Lori said...

Oh ~ nice ~ I really like this one. Congrats on your win over at Kim's blog!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful quote! Well worth putting into practice, too! Have an awesome weekend! XXOO

Cathi said...

LORI - Thanks, I am so excited to get my wrap. I sent your basket off yesterday! XXOO

TRACY - It sure is! Congrats on your new job - it's been a long time coming for you! XXOO

Jacqueline said...

I think that I acually try to live by that quote. XXXX

Gigi said...

Yes!!! xoxo

P.S. My verification word is "bless." Seems just right to me!

m i c h e l l e said...

love this quote too!

Simply Colette said...

Wonderful quote! And I love the Candian designer home, especially the bit about smiling at a stranger. Hope you're having a lovely weekend Cathi. :) said...

Yes. Not always easy, but more often true than not. It's a shame we don't stop and realize how blessed we are.

I do my best to try to live like that.

Cathi said...

JACQUELINE - I do's the only way to live..enjoy each moment! XXOO

GIGI - Your verification word is awesome, in total agreement with you! XXOO

MICHELLE - It is indeed an awesome quote....XXOO

NICOLETTE - I love this quote. And do the smile at a stranger thing, it will really make you feel good inside too..I try to smile at everyone I see, no matter where I go. XXOO

TISHJETT - Not always easy indeed, but the more people we lose, the easier it seems to get to live like this...every moment is precious...hugs to you! XXOO


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