Sunday, October 25, 2009

missing my friend today..

I'm the one in the middle...(admittedly, not a great picture) but it reminds me of some wonderful memories that I have shared with these two women.
Our daughters became the best of friends when they were 12 years old.
We became best friends thru a few tragedies in our life.
A death of a spouse, a murder of a father, and cancer looming for one.
We traveled together, hung out together, laughed, cried, acted silly together, and were there for each other. Sandi - the one on the left was the glue that held all of us together. She was the entertainment queen, she loved having a houseful of people and catering to their every need. She was there no matter the time of day or night - you knew, we all knew that we could drop by at anytime, and there would be hugs, smiles, lots of advice, laughter, FOOD and treats, LOTS OF IT!
Sandi had cancer, but had been in remission. A few months after Sally - the one on the right lost her husband to leukemia and I had lost my dad to a murder, Sandi's cancer came back. She fought hard, she got mad, she educated herself and she set out to have the best treatment possible, despite the odds and despite all the doctors with zero bedside manners. She fought as hard as she could, and for the rest of us, kept her routine the best she could. Still being the friend that always had a shoulder for all of us that needed one. She walked quite a few of us thru some very hard times, and I for one wanted to be there for her too....
Every Sunday - Sally, Sandi and I with our daughters would get together at Sandi's house - as that was THE HOUSE to be at. We watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters together and ate dinner. It really wasn't about the shows, but just about us hanging out together. As sick as Sandi got, she looked forward to Sunday's as it was our day to forget all of our troubles and just be together.
I missed the last Sunday, as I was out of town celebrating my mom's 75th birthday. I knew when I saw her on Friday, there wouldn't be anymore Sundays with Sandi. I felt it in the hug we shared that night. That was 7 1/2 months ago.
So today is Sunday and I am missing my wonderful friend who was the world to so many people! Here's to Sandi - a great friend, as all of her friends will tell you!


Tracy said...

XXOO, cathi. I wish we could spend Sundays together! I'm thankful to have met Sandi, though only once. *Hugs*

Lori said...

This breaks my heart Cathi ~ true friends are a wonderful thing ~ and the times we spend with them are times to be cherished. I will send you a long distance hug on this Sunday... xo

Cherry Blossoms said...

despite you missing your wonderful friend that was a beautiful entry. It made me teary eyed just reading it. May your memories carry you through on days like these! hugs.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Cathi,

What a wonderful post and a testament to true friendship. It's so important to hold near and dear the special people in our lives.

I hope your wonderful memories of Sandi help you to get through tough days like today.

Sending hugs and love your way!

Gigi said...

Oh, this is a beautiful and moving post, Cathi. Sandi sounds like she was an amazing person and the best kind of friend. I'm sending you a big hug today.
xoxo Gigi

Simone said...

Oh Cathi....what a moving post, I am so sorry. My girlfriends are everything to me, time with them is always so special.

Hugs to you xo

PS What a lovely photo - you are beautiful.

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've lost too many loved ones to cancer. I know that deep rooted pain. I bet she is looking down on you smiling. : )

Beach Vintage said...

What a heart breaking story, yet filled with love and good times.

Cathi said...

TRACY - I wish we could too...someday soon...!! Hugs to you too! XXOO

LORI - we need to cherish all of our moments with all of our loved ones! Thanks for the hug, I definitely felt it...:) XXOO

CHERRY BLOSSOMS - Thank you. I carry Sandi in my heart, I just miss her physical presence so much! Hugs to you too...:) XXOO

KARYN - Thanks so much. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and cherish the memories, I sure do. Feeling the hugs and love from you! XXOO

GIGI - Thanks for the big felt wonderful! Sandi was an amazing person, a one of a kind, once in a lifetime personality and we all miss her terribly. XXOO

SIMONE - Girlfriends are the can't live without them. I cherish each and everyone of them and that includes all of my blog friends too...:) I love that photo, as it was from a happy time - my daughters 16th birthday! Hugs back at you tenfold! XXOO

KRISTIN - Thank you. We all have lost way too many people to this dreadful cancer...heartbreaking...I appreciate your kind words..hugs to you too! XXOO

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh Cathi, what a wonderful post about your friend Sandi. Reading your words made me cry as I too know the value of great friends. This is why I am taking that trip next week to NYC. I know the memories I will make with my BF will stay with me for a lifetime.

xoxo to you

Cathi said...

BEACH VINTAGE - Thank you so much...we definitely had alot of good times that I will cherish forever...hugs to you! XXOO

MICHELLE - I'm so glad you have a chance to go to NYC with your best friend, how wonderful. As a quote I posted last week said, "don't put off your happy life". Sandi, Sally and I took our girls to Chicago for a week, two summers ago - Sandi was from Chicago and enjoyed showing us all the sights..we had a fabulous time and made wonderful memories, as you will too! XXOO

Behind These Blue Eyes said...

Those days were the best! =) I love you mom!

Cathi said...

STEPHANIE - Those days definitely were the best, some wonderful memories for us all! I love you too with all my heart, baby! XXOO

Kellie Collis said...

Such a beautiful friendship you shared. x

jociegal said...

Wow - you just brought tears to my eyes. I am continually more and more angry at cancer and how it takes the life of so many wonderful people. It is a vicious and terrible disease. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and it sounds like you were very lucky to have her in your life.

Pink to Green said...

This hearfelt story really made me stop and be grateful for friends today; thank you for sharing. Here's to your beautiful friend, Sandi and her warm memories.

Simply Colette said...

I read this last night on my iPhone and couldn't wait to send you a little note. What a great friend you are. I'm so sorry for your loss. There is something so bittersweet about Sundays. I hope you really are smiling this Monday. :) the spoons are adorable.
Btw, you have such a warm smile. Your friends are lucky. :)

Cathi said...

KELLIE - I truly feel blessed to have had her in my life and my daughters...she was wonderful to us! XXOO

JOCIEGAL - I am tired of cancer also, I have lost too many friends to it. I was indeed very lucky to have Sandi in my life. XXOO

PINK TO GREEN - Here's to all our awesome friends and family - may we always be grateful and never take them for granted! XXOO

NICOLETTE - You are so sweet...thank you for your kind words..I am definitely smiling today, even in the worst of times, there is always something to smile about, please remember that. I know what you mean about Sunday. I am the lucky one to have such great friends, including all my blog friends like you! XXOO

Your favorite sister - Gail said...

Sandi was indeed an incredible woman! She opened up her home and her heart to anyone and everyone. I'm thankful for meeting her - she was alot of fun to be around. You would never have known she was fighting this tough fight when you hung out together. I am especially thankful for the love and warm home she gave to Stephanie, Thanks Sandi.

As for the Sunday nites...I can just see you three and I know just how special those times were.

I also miss someone very special to me and the time we spent together. Wish you lived closer. I really miss you and love you!

Cathi said...

MY FAVORITE SISTER GAIL - She definitely was incredible and we miss her dearly!

I miss and love you lots too...I will see you for Christmas!

It was nice hanging out with you and everyone a few weeks ago, despite the reason for being there!


paige said...

what a beautiful beautiful tribute to a
blessings to you today cathi


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