Tuesday, January 26, 2010

attitude of gratitude...

I have a friend named Rachel, who is 89 years old..I always
call her " my little friend, Rachel" as she is very tiny.
She lives in an assisted living home that I frequent with
my movies each week and she is the first one to meet
me with a huge smile. She writes a column in the assisted
living newspaper called Attiude of Gratitude. She is
on my mind this morning, as this has not been a good
year for her - she lost her 52 year old daughter to cancer,
her best friend, she herself has been in and out of the
hospital over 10 times this year and this last time she
had been in 3 weeks. She is now on oxygen and very
weak, but she wheeled herself out with her walker to
turn my movies in last Saturday and get a few more to
watch this week. She always has kind words, always looks
impeccable and is one amazing woman. She nursed
two husbands thru Alzheimers and their eventual
death and has had a myriad of things happen to
her over the years - but she chooses to have a
good attitude. She always gets mad when she
sees crabby people at the assisted living place,
because she says that could very well be her, but
she chooses to live with an attitude of gratitude.
She is losing her memory but one thing she always
says is " the good thing about losing my memory,
is that I can watch the same movies over and over
again and enjoy them like it was the first time."
This weekend, I kept hugging her and hugging her,
as I adore her and know that she is getting tired
and very weak, as she has a really bad heart.
She is one of my special hero's in life - no matter what life
throws at you, you can move on and enjoy it,
just like Rachel has! As my friend Bob,
at the same assisted living home would


A "cheery" disposition said...

o my goodness. this moved me so much. "little rachel" sounds like an enchanting women.

Tish Jett said...

Another perfect post from you. Yes, attitude is everything. I know this in a very, very personal way.

I think sometimes I take it for granted. Thank you for showing us it's a gift.


Simone said...

Oh Cathi, hearing about Rachel brought tears to my eyes....what an inspiration to be like that after so much, how amazing.

Have a lovely day :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cathi,
It never ceases to amaze me the things that people have had to go through in their lives. To lose one of your children at any age must be so terrible.... and to nurse two husbands through Alzheimers. Rachel is truly an amazing woman with a wonderful attitude which, I think has helped her through the bad times and also given her such a long life.
I love to talk to people like Rachel. They have so much to teach us.
My Dad died in 2008 aged 91. In his nursing home was a lady called Ida. She was 101 and organised so many of the activities. She died last year of a virus. She was fascinating to talk too.
Thanks so much for telling us about Rachel and I hope that she will feel a little better soon. XXXX

Lori said...

What a fantastic person Cathi ~ I love little old ladies ~ I really do! She sounds amazing and it is great to still have a good attitude at her age. Give her a hug for me next time you see her. xo

Beach Vintage said...

What a wonderful story and a wonderful woman.

Tracy said...

She sounds like a super friend, Cathi! I'm sure she is grateful for the happiness you bring her, too. xxoo

Simply Colette said...

I loved reading about your special friend Rachael. Her health will be in my prayers. Thanks for sharing this warm story of frienship. :)

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