Tuesday, January 26, 2010

simple things wednesday...

The amazingly wonderful Christina
is listing the simple things in life post
again - so I, along with many others
are doing so also. Here it is:
My awesome kids as always
My amazing guy, Alex
My fabulous friends & family
oral surgeon's who
do a great job
dentist offices with
great reading material
(my daughter just had
her wisdom teeth out
this morning)
nice nurses
a helpful pharmacy man
my daughter's awesome
friends all snuggled
next to her in
bed watching a
movie while
she is recovering
providing friendship
and comfort to her
smiles, and more smiles
ice cream
mashed potatoes
bubble baths
macaroni & cheese
rescue workers worldwide
people helping people
our soldiers worldwide
kind people
big hearts
warm hugs
inspiring blog friends
people that don't
just talk the talk
but also walk
the walk
dancing with my friends
daisies -
the friendliest flower
cinnamon mints
my weekly chats
with my elderly friends
chocolate, yes please.
a brisk walk with
a warm jacket & scarf
positive attitudes
my vanilla perfume
(love it...)
a warm blanket
to snuggle in
an uplifting movie
laughter &
love, always.
You, You & You.....:)
A very important P.S. - For each blog that
participates and leaves a comment &/or link
on Christina's blog - her family will donate
Thanks, Christina!


Gigi said...

Sigh. I LOVE this list, Cathi, and I love getting to know even more about you. Vanilla perfume--yes! Oh, and I so hope your daughter is on the mend from her oral surgery. it sounds like she has great friends and you, her wonderful mum, to help her through!

Big hugs,

SE'LAH... said...

People helping people. Always melts me. Thanks for sharing this awesome list. Hope your daughter mends soon.

One love.

country girl said...

LOVE your simple things!
Actually, the photo alone was enough to make me smile and feel my inner child doing cartwheels...
xo country girl

Cyndy said...

I come to you through the love of Christina! Thank you for your list. I think you have that Gratitude Attitude going, too!

ELK said...

cathi...i have enjoyed your list...shook my head yes to many!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Loving your list. What a great read to start my day!

Teresa O said...

What a fun list, filled with loving mom things. I hope your daughter is feeling much better soon.

Char said...

beautiful list - hope she's feeling fine and enjoying that wonder care you're giving her!

Yiota said...

a heart-warming list! I'm smiling.

Christina said...

vanilla perfume, yes.
and mothers like you~ swoon!
this is such a lovely and thoughtful list.

JoLyn said...

I love your list. I'm an oral surgeon's assistant...thanks for the appreciation for people who do their jobs in a loving way!

Sherry said...

This is an incredible list -- and it's so true that when our children need something and we can rely on the people who are meant to do it (like your daughter's surgery) and we realize how simple kindness means so much -- we have really discovered a blessing.

And I'm jonesing for an ice cream cone now thank you very much!!! lol!!!

iasa said...

mmm, mashed potatoes. how wonderful to have friends helping you recover. I hope your daughter quickly recovers from her extraction.

beth said...

wonderful list and I hope your daughter does well with the wisdom teeth outage :) {technical term}

my son had his out last fall and just as we were on the uphill climb, he slide down and out with a dry socket...arrghhhh

I had no idea how awful they are !

marinik said...

quite a few things on this list i love too, :)

Simply Colette said...

Break me off a piece of that. Oooh that cone looks delicious! Thanks for the anniversary wishes. xoxo

Angie Muresan said...

A beautiful list. It brought tears to my eyes because we all have so much to be grateful for, don't we? Thank you for sharing. And what a great cause it benefits!

count it all joy said...

Simple pleasures are the best! What a beautiful list, Cathi. I hope your daughter is feeling better. What a lucky girl to have such lovely friends and attentive mum. Beautiful list. Meredy xo.

Jacqueline said...

A wonderful list, Cathi and mostly, all free.
'The best things in life are free' !! XXXX

Relyn said...

I love this long, long list. We all have so much to be thankful for. Isn't Christina wonderful for reminding us?

Lori said...

You always have the best lists! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday Cathi!

flwrjane said...

Hope it isn't too late to post how much I love your list. And your daughter's friends. Gotta have girlfriends.


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