Thursday, January 21, 2010

a little rain..

Yesterday on the way into Simon's service, the skies
had really opened up and rain was pouring like crazy.
I was looking in the trunk of our car for Alex's umbrella
and I stepped in a huge puddle - my pants were wet up
to my knees almost and my boots (not rain boots) are
still wet today. It was kind of funny, as everyone that
attended the service was soaking wet....we all looked
like drowned rats - nicely dressed ones, but drowned
rats nonetheless..... Since, the rain is probably here
for awhile, I think maybe some rain boots
will be purchased tonight and a larger umbrella...:)

(photo via here)


Simply Colette said...

Lovely image. Hope today is a little brighter. :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Cathi,

I love your photo sweet friend!

We don't know how to act here in California with so much rain. Isn't it funny how it's all day news? STORM WATHCH 2010!

You're right about people not knowing how to drive in the rain many accidents over the last few days! Thanks for your visit and sweet words.

Stay safe and dry!

Love and hugs,

Christina said...

isn't that something, how the rain comes during these times? my grandmum used to say, it's the angels crying happy tears, for a new member has arrived.
i send you love, my friend.
ps: oh yes, rain boots are bliss. ; )

Tracy said...

We are getting hammered with rain tonight, but I'm smiling!


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