Wednesday, January 20, 2010

some thoughts...

*(This was taken by my friend Scott in Costa Rica this week)
During the holiday I read a book by Richard Paul Evans
titled the Christmas List. It was about a man that had
the chance to read his obituary before he died. What
people wrote about him was shocking to him, he
hadn't realized what kind of person he had become.
So he set out to make amends with people to change
their opinion of him - in doing so it changed him.
Today as I was sitting at Simon's funeral - there were many tears,
but alot of laughter and alot of jokes in the eulogies. He was a
man who liked to laugh and it was evident whenever you looked
at him - he always had a smile on his face. He loved a good joke,
loved winding his wife up, in a loving way
(and we loved watching it)
and he was a very proud and loving father and husband who
had his priorities right - love, compassion & kindness to all.
He lived his life and enjoyed each day as it was his last,
until it was.
It made me think about what people would say about me, when
my time comes. And so I ask the question to you all
How would you like to be remembered?
On a different note:
The picture above was taken
by my friend Sandi's husband Scott.
It's not so much the picture itself that makes me smile, but the fact
that he has spent this last week in Costa Rica - with a high school
friend and looks to have had the time of his life. It reminds me
that life goes on, and it's good to see him getting out of the
house and out of his comfort zone to start living again.
He even went on a zip line thru the rainforest - how
freaking cool is that? I'm proud of him for going
thru the darkness and coming into the sunshine
a little bit more each day!


Gigi said...

It sounds like it was a beautiful way to remember him. I was at a funeral last week, and had a similar experience. The woman we were remembering was 89 when she died, and she was the sweetest person--seriously, she was a nurse in the South Pacific during WW II, then she came back, got married, and she and her husband had five kids (including my brother-in-law). Her husband died when their youngest was three, and she went on to raise the kids on her own. You know what they all remembered about her (and this is my memory of her, too)? She never ever raised her voice at them. Never. She was amazing, too, because all of those kids grew up to be incredibly respectful and caring people. Wow.

So, I've been thinking very similar thoughts, Cathi, about how I will be remembered. I've certainly raised my voice a few (hundred) times in my life, but I hope I can strive to be a better person and to live each day fully.

Thanks for this beautiful post, my friend. Such an important thing to think about. xoxo

Jacqueline said...

Dear Cathi,
I'm sure that yesterday was very difficult for you and Simon's friends and family. At least you will have some wonderful memories of him.
I'm not too worried about how people will remember me. I think that I have been as nice a person as I can be to my family and friends and to anyone that I have come across. I have tried to be kind, considerate and respectful and am grateful for the hand that has been dealt to me.I'm sure that I haven't been perfect, I think that would be impossible !!
Whether people will look kindly on me when I'm gone is irrelevant to me, really. Just as long as I'm happy within myself, that will suffice.

Tish Jett said...

I'm not sure I really care what people say or think about me after I'm gone. I've tried to do my best to be fair, kind, loving and generous. Maybe others see me/judge me differently, but there is little I can do about that.

I think too, overall, I've been lucky/blessed in my life and for that I am ever grateful and never take anything for granted. I've had a few sad events to teach me that lesson.

I just want to get on with it as long as I can, doing the best I can. If I hurt someone along the way I never did so intentionally and I am truly sorry if anyone believes I did.

Your post was beautifully, movingly written, thank you.


Lori said...

I would like to think that people would have kind words about me and that I had a loving heart. I am not necessarily a people pleaser but doesn't everyone like to be accepted?

I like Scott's picture and how he has passed through the clouds and is letting the sun shine on his face. I would like to think that Sandi would be happy about that.

Funerals suck - there is just no good way to say it. Eulogies that make you laugh as well as cry are the best. Keep your chin up. xo


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