Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung in our part of the world, and it makes me want to be outdoors around flowers and sunshine as often as possible. One of my fave jobs many years ago, was working at a landscaping nursery mixing the soil, planting flowers and vegetables and caring for them day in and day out until they were ready to leave the nest.  It was so much fun digging in the dirt and such a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.   We are getting ready to plant our veggie garden and I can't wait - it's been awhile since I have planted one, and I look forward to being able to eat our very own fresh veggies this summer!   However, our backyard is a playground for squirrels, does anyone have any tips on keeping them out of our crops?

Have a gorgeous day wherever you are! 


 photo via we heart it


Lori said...

Loving this shot Cathi ~ I too like digging in the dirt and then watching everything flourish. Happy Wednesday!

Simply Colette said...

I planted my tomatoes a couple weeks ago! It's warmer here though. A little secret... images of gardens like that one are like my po*n now. I search garden images like I can't get enough, especially english gardens and cottages ;)

Jacqueline said...

Dear Cathi,
Well, I was at the garden centre yesterday, having a good look at what they had and doing a bit of planning. Spring really gets the gardening brain ticking over, doesn't it ?
I have stopped growing veggies now as, the squirrels, foxes, birds and other naughty garden animals just eat them all and it's a full time job stopping them !! That may sound defeatest but, after so many years, I'm sticking to plants and shrubs !! I'm sure that you will have better luck. XXXX

Christina said...

i am trying to get over the snow flurries here... so i will walk through that spring door, and leave it all behind.

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