Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my family is good....

My family is good, my sisters family that is - they gave us all an oscar worthy performance this weekend. The rest of the family was asked to come up for my sisters surprise birthday party this weekend.  My daughter Steff and I drove up to Northern California, I then picked up my mom at the airport as she lives in Washington.  I usually stay at my sisters, so I told her we were coming up for a visit and so I could check in on my friend Kim - who'd been having a rough time this year. The lies,half truths, fibs - whatever you want to call it were floating around all of us like crazy. It was finally time for the party and the decorations were up, cars stowed behind the house so they wouldn't catch on and then we all yelled surprise!  My sister as usual was filled with tears and of course then she gets everyone else going...she starts talking about her wonderful family, her kids, etc....then her son in law stepped in started giving a bit of a speech regarding her birthday present (at this point, I thought we were all going to have to take the podium and make some sort of speech...haha...) He then presented her a gift which was an enlarged print of an ultrasound - my niece Christy was pregnant - yippee!!!  There were screams of joy, laughing, tears and some jumping around as everyone was excited.  My sister then took the stage again and announced that the SURPRISE was on all of us - as she had masterminded the whole thing - wanting to have the whole family together
to make this announcement...We were all wondering how they could pull off a surprise on my sis, as she is hard to surprise.....well needless to say, we all felt deceived, used and downright duped.  They punked us good!  And so for this they all get an Oscar from me - especially having to endure all my questions and that of my daughter - as we were wondering how it could be a surprise birthday party when none of my sisters friends were invited, that just did not make sense to me!  Who knew I had a bunch of great actors in my family!  haha....Congrats to my niece Christy and her husband Kevin!   Mid february is the due date for the baby. That baby won't be spoiled at all....nope not in this family!  :)


Tracy said...

LOL. How fun! Your family is so funny. Congrats to everyone! See you in a few days! xxoo

Christina said...

oh, this is a most beautiful story.
and no, i couldn't see baby being spoiled at all. lol
Congrats to all!

Gigi said...

What a story! What a family! Congratulations all round. And it sounds like you ALL deserve Oscars. xoxo

SE'LAH... said...

Congrats on the impending arrival of another baby in your family. Life is to be treasured, each moment.

Thanks so much for celebrating the anniversary of my life today. Your sweet wishes are truly appreciated.

one love.

Simply Colette said...

Glad you got to see your family. I get to see MY baby sister (half)this weekend! So I'm excited... flying to Tenn to visit Dad. She is 16 and visiting from Colorado for a few weeks from her mother's. Isn't summer reunions grande? :) xoxo

Gail said...

That was so much fun planning this whole thing and we were so excited to tell everyone our news. The very first grandbaby in the Gunther-Garduque family!!! We knew there would be speculation - but i think we did a good job of pulling the wool over most eyes!!

Thanks so much for making the long trek - we all feel so special!!

Love ya

Lori said...

How much fun is that Cathi ~ and congrats to your niece and her hubby. A new baby is always a blessing from above. Sounds like she got you good! xo


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