Thursday, November 4, 2010

out & about in nyc, part two

Here is the lovely little store/deli right on the corner near
our hotel, for all your needs whether it be fruit, flowers or sandwiches

Bill's Piano Bar is a cool place right across from
our hotel and has a bit of history

St Patricks Cathedral on Fifth Ave. is stunning

Hello Kitty made a surprise visit on Park Ave.

The Plaza is a gorgeous hotel and has one MAJOR PLUS

It happens to be right next to my fave place - Central Park

Another place I love to go to is the gorgeous Rockefeller Plaza
the flags make it look so festive and always puts a smile on my face.

and it has such wonderful, inspiring architecture!

As I've only seen Rockefeller Plaza in the summer, this
was a welcome sight!

The beautiful Paley Park 

This was one of our first stops after we got into NYC - it was a weekend
filled with baseball games and this is the place to hang out, chat
and watch the games, or so our front desk man at our hotel told us and
we were not disappointed.  Pubs have the best characters to converse
with, as I travel with quite the character we always meet interesting people!

Our main reason for going to NYC was to go to this Notre Dame vs.
Navy Football game - sadly our team ND lost but it was awfully nice
looking at all the very well put together , handsome Navy men!

After the game, we had hopped on the wrong subway line,
but happened onto a cool Irish Pub and met a few really nice
people there.  They were holding a wedding reception in the
restaurant part in back and we met a really nice man that was
meeting a friend at Lincoln Center for a jazz concert.  That sounds
wonderful and something I would like to do on another trip.

A street scene outside of Paley Park

They had some fun window's to peer into at
Bergdorf Goodmans

And last but not least I found my way down Katherine Hepburn Place, which is where she lived for over 60 years.  It was especially heartwarming for me, as a week before my friend Sally and I watched a one woman show about her life called Tea At Five - it was FABULOUS and highly recommended should it ever come to your neck of the woods.  Stephanie Zimbalist did a wonderful
job as Kate in her early years thru her older years.  I forgot I was watching a play, it was that fabulous!

And if you have a spare $27,500 a month - I read that
Kate Hepburns home is for rent.  If not, a stroll by it
will definitely be sufficient.
I New York City and it was so wonderful being able
to see it in a different season and autumn being the most wonderful!
I look forward to returning again and exploring and learning more
about the city!
I am a bit under the weather this week - 90+ degrees outside in November and air conditioning indoors makes for alot of people coming down with colds!
Have a good day everyone, stay healthy!

(with the exception of the pub photos, all photos are mine)


Just Martha said...

Oh Cathy! Always a pleasure to stop by your blog! So Steph was good was she? I'm glad. She was always so lovely...

Kristin said...

Oh, you make me want to go to New York!!! The plaza is stunning and it looked like you had a great time! Lucky you!!!

Kristin xx

Anonymous said...

I love NY! I don't know it that well, though, so I'm so glad you shared your photos, thanks so much! I didn't know about the Katherine Hepburn house!

Tracy said...

I don't know if you are using your camera or your camera phone but I am so glad you took all the photos! Thanks for posting them. They are GREAT! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - New York City is so alive - day and night! Isn't that the perfect time to go - i love the fall on the east coast. It's crisp and cool and the fall colors.. makes me want to go. Glad you had a great time.

Chez Zizi said...

OMG, looks fabulous. Was the Irish pub Kennedy's with Desmonds in the back? It looks like it. You made me want to go into the city this weekend with my kids.

Cathi said...

CHEZ ZIZI - You are absolutely right, it is Kennedy's! You should take your kids ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, that would be alot of fun! (I almost rented skates myself, but I was short of time.) :)

Lori said...

These photos take me back to last year and make me smile. Love that little pub ~ who am I kidding ~ I love it all! Have a great week-end. xo

Christina said...

that first photo... i could do damage to my wallet there.

we could saute some pears with brandy and put it over vanilla bean ice cream. yep, you and me. ; )
happy weekend!

*Simply Colette* said...

Lovely post! Gonna have to check out that Katherine Hepburn movie, I haven't seen it. Have a good weekend!


Fiona said...

What beautiful photos of NYC. I particularly love the first one with it's neat and orderly colourfulness.

Gigi said...

Your photos remind me of why I love NY so much. They also remind me of a Thanksgiving I spent in Manhattan many years ago. I was in high school, and my sister, cousin and I went out late the night before Thanksgiving to watch the giant balloons being filled for the Macy's parade. It was a magical experience, as is every trip to NY!! xo


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