Thursday, December 16, 2010

cheers to the weekend...

I love the simplicity of this photo - and those
stockings are FABULOUS!   The festivities and
all the food & drink that go with that are in full
force this week.  I am trying to be really mindful
of what I am putting in my mouth (not always easy
with a ton of temptation) but so far, so good!  I have
also been doing a bit of extra exercise (mainly walking)
to help out when the temptation gets the best of me and
because I always feel so good after a nice brisk walk!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend
 filled with love & laughter!

(photo via here)


Jacqueline said...

A beautiful image of a home ready for Christmas.....mine is definitely NOT ready Cathi.....I'm way behing, as usual, and we are out all weekend. Am supposed to be going into London for our daughter-in-law's birthday but we are expecting LOTS of snow tomorrow !! Have a wonderful weekend and walk a lot, then you can eat to your heart's content !!XXXX

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Happy weekend to you Cathi, as you scurry about making those final preparations for Christmas. I'm going to be busy too, but plan on trying to savor the beauty of the season along the way.

Merry Christmas,

Simone said...

Am getting ready for our snow too, had some today and lots more due tomorrow.....I don't mind now that school is done but I have a feeling I am not going to make it to Wales this Sunday :(

I have just tucked up the children in our big bed as a treat and they have fallen asleep listening to a Christmas CD....finally :)

Good for you for doing some exercise....the only exercise I seem to be doing is walking from one party to the next - and dancing! Oh well :)

Have a lovely week-end :) xx

Tracy said...

Merry Christmas , baby! xxoo

Lori said...

Hope you have a wonderful week-end Cathi ~ that photo is perfectly simplistic....does that sound right??!! xo


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