Sunday, December 19, 2010

lots & lots of it...

It's very strange going from 80 degree weather to lots of rain in a few days time, but it is very welcomed here in Southern California as we really need it.  I try not to drive around alot when it is raining, as we tend to have alot of people here on the road that have never seen water on the ground and they get very confused at the strange happening. It's just much nicer being in a warm and cozy place and just gazing out the window at the raindrops.  However, I was out and about very early this morning finishing up some shopping before the crowds were out in force.  I am an early bird and nothing pleases me more than empty stores, so I shop as soon as they open - so much more pleasant!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and is staying cool, calm and collected during this holiday season!


(photo via here)


Tracy said...

I hope you send some of it this way when you are done with it! Stay warm and dry! xxoo

Yolanda said...

Stay safe and watch for mudslides. Have a lovely week.


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