Thursday, April 7, 2011

cheers to the weekend...

My weekend to do list:

Visit my elderly friends at the assisted living home.  This will be
the first time I've been back there since my little friend Rachel
passed away and it will be bittersweet for me. She lit up the
place. Truth be told, I am having a bit of a hard time with her
death, as she had my heart from the first time I met her. 

It is suppose to rain in these parts this weekend, so it could be
a cozy up and read weekend for me - and that would be perfect!

If  the sun peaks itself out, I will definitely be bike riding and
going for some nice long walks and working out in the yard.

Also doing a bit of spring cleaning this weekend and
I am actually looking forward to it.

All in all a pretty low key weekend and

Happy Weekend, Friends!  Be kind & smile!

(photo via here)


Jacqueline said...

Hi Cathi,
Hope your visit to your friend's will go OK. I guess we have to be philosophical when a friend leaves us. Just remember how lovely it was that you met her, and you have got some lovely memories, I'm sure.
We are having the most wonderful weather at the moment. Never mind Spring, it's more like Summer here. My husband and I are off for a walk along the river when he gets back from work. We have to make the most of this weather as we don't know when we might see it again !!
Have a wonderful weekend Cathi. XXXX

Sherry Smyth said...

Low key weekends are the best and I hope you manage to find that reading time!!

Your heart will be heavy when you visit the assisted living home...but I feel certain you will leave with a lighter heart for having gone to visit and shared smiles and love with the residents there. It's hard when someone we love is gone...let those who are still there put some sunshine in your heart -- allow them to help you heal.

And I'm loving, loving, loving this photograph -- it is just the bright and happy I need to see on this dull, cloudy morning!! ♥

Kristin said...

Hi! Hope your visit will be nice for you and that you have a lovely weekend!!!


Dianne said...

Hi Cathi- Your week-end sounds just like mine minus the bike-riding. I've just found your lovely blog and I don't know how - but so pleased to know that you love Paris! we certainly have that in common.
"All Things French"


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