Monday, May 23, 2011

hello monday..

What a peaceful place to start the week!

I would much prefer this setting to the one

I am above to leave for - the office.

Hoping your weekend was wonderful.

I had a nice, relaxing low key one,

which was much needed.  As this

coming weekend, I am heading up

north on a solo road trip to hang out

with family and one of my best girlfriends

Looking forward to it, so much!!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!


(photo via here)


Sherry Smyth said...

I think that would be a beautiful way to begin any day...restful and peaceful and calm!!

Your coming weekend plans sound lovely!! Enjoy the week!

Jacqueline said...

Sorry that you're off to work Cathi but you have much to look forward to this coming weekend.
A gorgeous image and one that I would love to be's raining here for the first time in ages !!
Just to let you know that the Football season has just finished, and starts again on the 13th August 2011.
Have a great week. XXXX

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Love road trips, I'm sure it'll be so much fun. Your picture is great and I'd much rather be there than at work during the week... Have a great week xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hope your week is a good one--we'll be anxious to hear about your weekend excursion.

Lori said...

Happy Monday Cathi ~ I hope this week flies by for you so you can get started on your fun filled week-end! xo


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