Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wonderfully inspiring...

Wow,this lady is a wonderful inspiration! I thought of this tonight as I was trying to brush off my exercising and she inspired me to get up and get moving!  Once again, ADVANCED STYLE has featured some fabulous ladies - check out the new 90 year oldsI love how this blog shows seniors that are living life to the fullest!

Enjoy each moment, everyone!

(photo via here)


Virginia said...

Since yoga triggered a knee injury, I"m in awe of this lovely lady! Bravo!!

Adrienne said...

I just started following this blog last month and I am addicted. I saw a woman at CVS yesterday who was in her late 80's, I'm guessing. She was so chicly dressed and it was plain to see she had spent time getting ready for her day of errands. I immediately thought of Advanced Style.

vicki archer said...

She looks so beautiful and what an advertisemnet for pilates.....xv

Simone said...

Absolutely amazing...and yes, very very inspiring!!

Thanks for sharing Cathi :) xx

Christina said...

this is so cool. isn't she beautiful. i really do love that blog.
love you too.
; )


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