Monday, July 18, 2011

happy monday...

We have had some beautiful weather this weekend - warm, but not
too hot.  It was perfect bike riding and going for a walk weather.

I had a nice weekend hanging out with my guy,visiting my elderly friends, enjoying Stephanie's delicious banana bread - have I mentioned what a fabulous baker she has become? She is the designated dessert maker in these parts!

This Carmaggeden weekend in LA turned out to be what
they are now calling Carmaheaven, as most of LA stayed
off the roads and in their neighborhoods.  Even the streets
where I live were very empty, which was really nice to see!

Happy Monday everyone - have a beautiful week!

(photo via here)


Adrienne said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad to hear the traffic nightmare was more like a dream. I can't imagine how that happened - I spent a summer in Brentwood ages ago and even back then, I remember the 405 being in a constant traffic jam. Let's see how it goes next time around.

I bet you are getting very excited for your upcoming trip! I still need to ask Bill about that restaurant in Rome - I will ask him tonight.
xo, A

Jacqueline said...

Happy Monday Cathi ...... what lovely weather you are having. It is tipping down with rain here and has been for the last few days !!
Not to worry. I'm sure that the sun will come out again soon.
Enjoy the new week. XXXX

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Thank goodness for Carmaheaven--that is good news after what we were hearing on the news. WIsh we could have had some of that sun you were enjoying here in London--such a rainy weekend, but then again that's what museums are for!!

DoublClik said...

Even if you didn't take that picture, it's still beautiful! Hello from a photographer who happened to stumble across your blog!

DoublClik Photo Blog


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