Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my daily challenge....

Last week I started taking my lunch out to a park near my office
and relaxing on a park bench or under a shade tree - just to get
myself away from the phones and my work for a bit.  A quiet
place to sit and think.  It was that same park that I used to walk
at every morning and every evening up until 3 years ago. 

As I was sitting there watching people walk around, kids swinging
on the swings and listening to the birds chirp - I realized  how much
I loved it there.  It's a small square park with lots of trees and very
peaceful and the perfect place to start my first challenge for myself.

I stopped walking there 3 years ago, I think as it was a place that I
used to walk with one of my friends who passed away at that time,
and it just felt too lonely to walk there without her.  But going there
last week and starting a new routine made it feel really good about
being there again. 

 So this month (I started it on Sunday) I am trying
to shed some of my bad habits and bringing in some new ones - being
I am challenging myself to walk 5.2 miles a day (so far so good!) I walk
half in the morning and half after work - as those are the only hours that are comfortable to walk (weather wise). 

The super hard part is getting up alot earlier.  I used to be quite the early bird, but I had gotten a bit lazy about the mornings, so it's actually starting to feel good once I get myself moving!  Although I have this little girl on my shoulder telling me to just go back to bed, while on my other shoulder I have quite the cheerleader - I am giving in to the cheerleader and hoping it stays that way!  I am calling this Project Getting Me Back To Myself!  So here's to fulfilling challenges whatever they may be!  There is a line from Something's Gotta Give (one of my go to movies) and it rings true in all aspects of our lives - "I say this from the deepest part of my heart. What are you waiting for"

(photo via here)


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oooo Cathi,
You are putting me to shame, although, my husband and I have been walking along the river, down to the White Water Rafting Centre which is brand new and will be the venue for the Olympics next year. It is a 3 mile round trip so, not quite as ambitious as you, but better than nothing !! The trouble is that, when we get there, they have a bar and lovely seating area where you can watch the rafters and canoeists but, it means that I have to have a glass of wine and my husband has to have a beer, which probably wipes out all of the good that the walk did !! haha
Well done for getting up early and getting into some good habits. XXXX

Simone said...

Well, you know, I think we might be in the same class my friend, that is the same project that I need right now!!!

I love the sound of heading to the park to sit....and 5.2 miles is really impressive.

I am trying to introduce all kinds of little changes too...a real variety to things. It is so energising, I am really enjoying it already :)

Looking forward to following - and sharing - your progress :) XX

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish we lived closer. You would be such a good influence on me. However...I would be the little girl urging you to go back to bed. LOL. xxoo

Michelle in N. Cal said...

Oh I loved reading this post - good for you! xoxo

Lori said...

I think it is wonderful that you are finding your park again ~ going there on lunch and just unwinding for just a little while. I do believe that your friend would be smiling down upon you. Good for you for walking and keeping with it! xo

Adrienne said...

Wow! Over 5 miles a day! that is sure to make you feel great. Good for you....

I need to get my rear in gear and move more myself. Thank you for the reminder! xo

Donna said...

An inspiring post - and just what I need to kick start my walking again! LOVE the quote (and the movie it came from!)

christy said...

Good for you!
I love new routines.
And I love 'Somethings Gotta Give!'
Such a great movie.


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