Thursday, November 10, 2011

a day in florence....

Almost immediately after we started walking around Florence/Firenze
we realized that a few hours definitely would not be enough time.

Unfortunately we had a flight out of Rome the next day, so decided
to see what we could of Florence.  What a magnificent place!

We quickly found a cafe right near the Duomo and had a drink as the weather was extremely hot that day and just getting from the train station to the Duomo (which wasn't far at all) left us feeling parched.  We sat and gazed at all of the beauty surrounding us and chatted with a shop keeper next door who was standing outside.

We truly had no agenda but to just wander and wander we
did.  Thru as many piazzas, alleyways, tiny streets as we could
find (and there were no shortage of them!)

We walked along the Arno River where there were quite a bit
of street vendors selling fabulous pieces of art and jewelry

We walked across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge (which has tiny
shops inside there as well) and wandered thru the neighborhoods
looking for a certain restaurant one of our friends had recommended.
We never found it, but it was fun just walking down all the streets.

We stopped into a few shops

Sat in an outdoor cafe watching the kids on the carousel
and just people watching.  I am really used to hot weather, but
this heat with the humidity and my sprained ankle - well we stopped
several times to eat and drink thru the course of our day in Florence.
(which I truly loved, as when we are home we tend to rush more)

I loved seeing these art walls on one of the streets we were on

We had a nice meal in this quaint little cafe with a nice window seat

Loved everything about Florence

As in Rome, Florence is such a different world than what we
live in, I could easily hang my hat there for a few months!
The breathtaking beauty with every step you take and the
gorgeous artwork that is displayed everywhere.  Before we
knew it our day in Firenze had come to an end, but our last
night in Rome was just beginning after a bit of a rest on
the beautiful train ride home!

Here are some photos from Ciao Christy - who lives in Florence

Boboli Gardens - I didn't make it there but I hope to one day

San Miniato Church - I love this statue and the view!

We can't stop gushing about our trip to Italy - it was everything
we imagined it would be and more!  The people we met and mingled
with were fabulously fun to spend time with and we look forward
to discovering more fantastic places in Italy someday!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  Smile at a stranger!


Adrienne said...

What gorgeous photos of Firenze! I was sad we didn't see it when we were in Italy last year, but guess what?? It just so happens we will be visiting Florence next spring. I hope you don't mind if I pickyour brain between now and then for tips on what to do....and where to stay. Did you like your lodging in Florence?

I look forward to more Italy posts....hint, hint!



Anonymous said...

Such magic! Love your photos. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

Simone said...

Fabulous photos Cathi, wow!! So glad you loved it there!!

You have great shots of the Duomo....its so huge that it's hard to get great views of it on camera I found....isn't it stunning though!

Love those Italian blue skies :)

Have a wonderful weekend!! X

Lori said...

I love not having an agenda so this would be a perfect day in my books Cathi ~ it is an amazing place. Hope you are having a great week-end! xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hope your future holds many more days in Florence, because one is never enough! Sounds like you had a fabulous time!


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