Wednesday, December 7, 2011

counting blessings....

Last week here in LA we experienced some very strong winds, it
was kinda crazy as we don't usually get that kind of weather.  This
is a photo of my friend Katie's driveway.  A city tree came crashing
down on not one but all three of their cars - Katie's, her husbands
and her daughters 5 day old car.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and
blessings are being counted all around, as this happened to quite
a few people.  The scary part was her daughter was in that car
getting home from work 15 minutes earlier.  Her car was totaled,
Katie and her husbands car's had minimal damage and that tree
house in the background (aka her hubby's man-cave) well that is
built so well that it will withstand a very large earthquake (not
that we're waiting for one or anything!) I for one count my blessings
every single day, as life is short and can change at a moments notice!

Happy Wednesday!


Adrienne said...

Poor Katie and her family and their vehicles! The wind was dreadful last week around here too. But you got the worst of it in the south.

We do need to count our blessings. I re-learn that everyday that I meet with the elderly. It's been a running theme: enjoy today, live life to the fullest, and be thankful for your life and your health.

Glad to hear your friend and her family are unharmed.

xo, A

Michelle in N. Cal said...

Oh my goodness! We experienced those same winds last week and they were scary at times. I am glad no one was hurt!

Anonymous said...

So true. One of my blessings is you. Another is Katie. xxoo

Lori said...

Ahh ~ I feel so bad for Katie but the good new is that she was not inside when it happened! I would count my blessings to ~ things can be replaced ~ people can't. xo


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