Sunday, December 4, 2011

my dream holiday destination...

I've often dreamt of spending the Christmas holidays

in another country and experiencing the different traditions

wouldn't that be fun?

I wish I could take my whole family

to Paris for the holidays

to wander the streets

check out the markets

stop in to the Notre Dame to see it in all of it's glory

and to look at all the gorgeous lights

snow would definitely be a bonus

such beautiful colors

Magical indeed!

And of course, we'd need to stop in for desserts - in my
family desserts are one of the main food groups...not kidding!

a cappuccino or a chocolat chaud
would fit the bill perfectly - yum!

If only.....

I had a nice semi busy weekend,
visiting my senior friends,
shopping and more shopping,
watching movies,
listening to Christmas music,
puttering around the house
and just enjoying being.
I hope you did too!

Cheers to a fabulous week for us all!
Smile and be kind to everyone you meet!

(photos via here)


Michelle in N. Cal said...

I've never spent an actual Christmas in Europe but I've been in Paris and London at Christmastime and it's beautiful. I especially love the different traditions. Since my husband is British, he had the kids write letters to "Father Christmas" and then they burn the letters in the fireplace to transport them to the North Pole!

Lori said...

Spending Christmas away would be different for sure ~ not sure if I could do it but if everyone that you loved was with you then it would more than likely be bearable! Have a great week Cathi! xo

Cathi said...

@Michelle: what a fun tradition. I remember when you were in Paris, how time flies! xxoo :)

@Lori: I'd definitely have to take my loved ones with me for the Christmas holiday! xxoo :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Keep dreaming--maybe it will all some true someday. I love the idea of having my family with me for the adventure!

Anonymous said...

Will you adopt me before you go? :-) LOVE YOU!! Happy Holidays!xxoo


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