Monday, April 9, 2012

happy monday....

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a super nice Easter.

I had a very low key day - still recovering from bronchitis.

The above photo is where you can find me today (in my daydreams)

I'll be laying on the deck in a lounge chair with a good book and

a nice cool drink.  

Have a fabulous week!

(photo via here) 


A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'd love to join you there with a refreshing drink and a book I've been dying to read....

Lori said...

save me a chair I am right beside you ~ we don't even have to talk other than to the cabana boy that brings our drinks! Feel better soon Cathi. xo

tracy said...

Hope you had a good Monday and are feeling better, cath! As for that photo - LOVE! xxoo

Simone said...

Move over Lori and you too Cathi, make room for me!!! This place looks AMAZING!!

Hope you are feeling better XX


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