Wednesday, April 11, 2012

hollywood nights...

Last night a spur of the moment
girlfriend outing included:

tomatoe bisque soup
 cobb salad (yum)
pomegranite martini's
a fun stroll on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame
reading the names of
fabulous actors long gone
listening to some
wonderful street musicians
while heading to a coffee
shop for some cappuccino's
singing and laughing
along the way.
It felt good to get out
of the house and feel
human again!



Simone said...

What an amazing evening, how lovely to have all of that just nearby! X

Sherry said...

Impromptu get togethers are the best -- sounds like you had a great time eating, laughing, drinking, strolling, talking about stars of the past...friend time is the best time!

Lori said...

woohoo for you ~ you got out and it sounds like a fab time. When I finally get out there you will be the perfect tour guide! xo

tracy said...

Glad you are feeling better. How is Alex? Do you know how much I miss you?


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