Thursday, November 1, 2012

coming out of my shell...

I feel like I'm finally emerging from my shell that I've been
hiding under for the past few months and it feels wonderful!
It took me awhile to get used to not having kids in my house
anymore, so it was like redefining myself all over again and
I found myself quite literally stuck - not sure of what to do, so
I cuddled up at home and puttered around, changing things
up a bit, making it more comfy than it already was. I haven't
had much to say, so didn't blog too much and my inspiration
was at an all time low, but I feel a change coming and it's a
good thing!  It helps that this is my favorite time of the year! 

I have also been spending time with my guy and my girlfriends
and getting out more and doing fun things.  It was so funny the
other night I went out listen to music with my girlfriend and it
felt like I was a teenager going out on a school night...haha..
It just goes to show you no matter how old you get - you
still feel like a kid and I don't ever want that to change!


(photo via here)


Sherry said...

I'm glad that you're finding your way out from your shell Cathi. I laughed at the idea of you being out with a friend and feeling like a teenager on a school night! I think that means you are doing "just fine" (as long as no one grounded you that is!! lol!!)

Jocelyn Pascall said...

I think you have been doing exactly the right thing. Taking time to center yourself and find a place in this new reality. I heard a line in a song the other day that was, "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong," and I really liked it a lot. Perhaps it will resonate with you as well.

Lori said...

Happy November to you Cathi! It is the time of year for nesting and being comfy. Hugs and love to you sweet friend. xo

Anonymous said...

Love ya, cathi! xxoo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Looking forward to seeing more of you here on the blog. May November be a great launching spot for you....

keishua said...

i understand that feeling. i usually get it when the seasons change or i'm just in a restless spot in life. i am looking forward to november and all its inspiration.

keishua said...
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christina said...

hello my dear friend.
this post is so lovely and honest.
it made me wish we lived closer... i wish that often.

Green Tree Boutique said...

Happy November to you too. The new year is almost upon us too!

Relyn Lawson said...

Me too, me too! Both the lagging and the change. It's the snap in the air. At least it is for me.


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