Wednesday, January 16, 2013

sealed with a kiss...

As the new year begins one of my "aspirations" I will call it,

is to write more letters.  Up until last week, I truly hadn't

written a letter in ages.  I remember when I was little, how

I would sit outside and  wait for the mailman to come by to

see what he had for us that day.  When I got older I would

send away for free things and brochures of far away places,

as I loved all the mail.  I also had a few pen pals who

I corresponded with for a few years in my early teens, but

lost touch not long after that.  For years and years my friends

and I would write letters to each other, several in one week -

this was long before the invention of cell phones and the internet.

I often wonder, how different my life would have been with all

the technology our kids have today - I guess that is what all 

generations ponder once in awhile.  I remember when I moved

to the Virgin Islands in my early 20's - my sister gave me a letter

to read when I got on the plane, well it was an emotion filled letter

and one that I treasure to this day.  My mom and sis would write

to me pretty regular during that time away from home and it was

always exciting to hear all the news.  Then there were the love letters

from the various boyfriends in my life that meant the world to me.  Even

now years later, I still have alot of the letters written to me by my loved ones.

I am not a pack rat at all but one thing that I have kept were letters, it's a fun

way of remembering the past and sometimes cringing with the contents of the

letters....haha...My sister is pretty good at writing letters and sending notes, 

it's no wonder as she also is a mail lady and this year she wrote letters from

Santa to children that dropped off letters to Santa at their post office, I know she

had alot of fun doing that!  

So tell me, do you still write letters too or do you strictly use

the internet, texting and phones to communicate with friends

and loved ones?   A curious gal wants to know!  

I hope you are having a fabulous week - it is blue skies and

warming up today, so I will out at my lunch hour having a nice

long walk!    


(photos via here)


simone said...

I absolutely love that photo of the mail sorting those string-tied packages :)

I don't write many letters, I wish I did...I think I might start doing so.

How lovely that your sister wrote letters to the children :)

Have a great week Cathi XX

simone said...

PS Your "soup" comment just now made me laugh! I'm the other way round....I make the bread first and then think what I can add!

Although sometimes I just buy French butter and that's all you need ;) X

Sherry said...

I love what your sister did for those children!! How special! As for letter writing...I was the Queen of the Letter writers for years...I loved to write and to receive and loved having a full mailbox from all over the world. Sadly, it's fallen to the wayside as even the one person I'm closest to who started as a pen pal 22 years ago, I'm in touch with through email and skyping. And I find it harder to hold a pen for any length of time to get my thoughts down. Aging is a "wonderful" thing!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Cathi,
As a child, there was nothing more exciting than receiving a letter. I had two in Akron Ohio and one in Canada. I loved getting a letter from them and always thought that a life in America/Canada was SO different from mine and sounded far more exciting although it probably wasn't. I, too, lost contact with them but, my sister had a penfriend in Atlanta and started writing to her when she was 11 and she still writes to her and they have met up many times. I still write letters only not that often but it's still exciting to see one fall through the letterbox.
Enjoy your weather's FREEZING over here !!!! XXXX

Lori said...

I will admit that I have never been a good letter writer. Gina and I used to write back and forth all the time and there was nothing better than getting a card or letter in the mail. If I do anything by mail now it is more than likely a card. I really have to be in the mood to write ~ even an email these days it seems. Enjoy your warmer weather ~ it is freezing here today. xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well... I have to admit that I rely on the speedy delivery of email almost exclusively these days, but your post is encouraging me to write a few more cards to people whose life might really be touched by my reaching out. I think Valentine's Day is a good time to send out my love to some of the sweet widows at our church, so I'm challenging myself and my Bible study group to take that on as a project.

Leslie Harris said...

This is such an interesting post. It really makes me realize the fond associations I have with letters. There were love letters from my past, and notes and letters between myself and my grandfather, otherwise known as my Papa. And those remain among my most precious possessions today. I think of letter writing has a tender act of giving because it requires us to slow down. And that can be hard in these hurried times.
Leslie ( Gwen Moss)


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