Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here we are again.....

* how I would love to be in that photo right about now

Instead I'm sitting in my bed made of two chairs put together in Alex's hospital room, extremely thankful that his surgery went well and so grateful to wonderful doctors and nurses.  Happy to hear him snoring right next to me, it is actually putting a big smile on my face right now.  This isn't how we had planned this week, but life has a funny way of making other arrangements for you.  As I sit here in the darkened room, listening to all the nurses hustle about  outside our door while Alex sleeps, I feel strangely peaceful.  It's been a very long day, yet I am wide awake still filled with adrenaline from the days events. I've been thinking about the lessons I've been learning lately thru my friend Katie's illness and death to Alex's heart issues - trying to find the positive in these situations.

As devastating as Katie's death was to me and still is, it was a powerful and actually beautiful thing to witness the grace with which she handled the end of her life.  She was at peace with it pretty immediately and like all of us would be, she was only worried about her loved ones she was leaving behind.  To watch how her young daughter cared for her so lovingly till the end and how she's handled herself after her mothers death was so inspiring to me.  It still breaks my heart for her family,
But they are doing ok and are getting thru it one day at a time with alot of help from their friends.

And today as I sat in the waiting room while Alex was in surgery, sharing the lunch with my friend Sally that she brought for me, I was once again grateful to have her with me. We chatted about anything and everything, laughed alot trying to take our minds off the clock.  This surgery took alot longer than the last one and when Sally could sense I was getting nervous, she just held my hand.  It's the little moments in life that are special.  Getting calls and texts from my kids, my family and friends  with love and encouragement meant the world to me.  So my lesson in all of this is - every moment is special - the good, bad, happy, sad - and one that you will look back on and see the beauty of it all.

Happy days, my friends



Sherry said...

Life teaches us so many beautiful lessons. Sending you love and good wishes for Alex's recovery! xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Sending best wishes to you and Alex and prayers that his recovery will be even quicker than you might have expected.

Lori said...

I left a comment this morning and thought it did not post which is why I emailed you. So happy that Alex is home ~ sending lots of love to you both Cathi. xo

simone antoniazzi said...

Hi Cathi, I'm sorry to hear that Alex is having to have another surgery....I hope that he is recovering comfortably.

I love what you wrote about your friend and her family, that was beautifully put....those will be my thoughts for the day.

I am thinking of you XX

Red Boots said...

Sending lots of love and hugs Cathi, and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. xxx


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