Friday, May 3, 2013

day 3: things that make you uncomfortable

I thought that I would jump in on day three of Blog Everyday In May, it sounds like
a fun project to help me snap out of the funk that I have been in lately.  There is not
alot that makes me super uncomfortable especially at the age I am at now (you just
don't care or have time for pettiness, as the years go by, thankfully!) 

Here are a few things though:

For many years, I was uncomfortable in my own skin, but around the time I turned 40,
(that would be nearly 16 years ago) I gained a new confidence in myself that I wish I
had in my younger years.  It was always there, just hiding a bit.

I'm not a huge fan of large gatherings.  I always have the best times,
when it's a small group, otherwise I tend to just wander around.


People arguing with their friends and loved ones in public, making a spectacle of themselves.

Airplane turbulence - I fly frequently, but am kind of a silent white knuckle flyer.  So having a cocktail or two on a long flight, always helps to relax me a bit.  I wish it would just knock me out for the entire flight though....haha...

Crazy drivers that weave in and out of lanes just to get to the stoplight before you.

Rude people - especially when it's aimed at a food server.  I was a food server for
many many years and I learned to get a really thick skin, otherwise I would probably
burst into tears everytime someone said something rude to me to just be funny.

Being put in the middle of a petty argument between friends or loved ones.

Speaking in front of large groups of people - I haven't had to do it much but
it's nerve wracking.  At my dad's memorial there were a few hundred people
and I was very proud of myself for getting up there and talking about my dad.

I live with a guy that says what is on his mind at all times to anyone and everyone,
so at times it has made me want to crawl under a table - but it's usually in a fun
context so there's always an amusing story to remember..haha..

Bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining

That's about all I can think of right now, which is a good thing!



simone antoniazzi said...

What a great list Cathi, I am with so on many of surprise there ;)

Rudeness....ugh, I hate that.

And the confidence thing, me too!!

Happy Week-end my friend, I've been thinking of you....hope that Alex is recovering well XX

simone antoniazzi said...

PS Thanks for joining in the challenge :)

slsmyth said...

Loved reading your list and learning even more about you. Have a wonderful weekend Cathi! xo

Lori said...

So excited that you are doing this challenge too! Simone challenged me on Facebook and you know how much I love a challenge!! I love your list ~ snakes give me the heebeejeebees! We are just home from celebrating Trev's bday supper with friends and I am ready to snuggle in with Molly and catch up on some recorded tv. Hope you have a great weekend ~ hugs to you and Alex. xoxo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oooh, this is a great quote--we all have that glow--we just need to make sure we let our light shine. Love your list--a few chuckles, and some honest revelations.

Leslie Harris said...

I really enjoyed this post Cathi. Interestingly, I also consider 40 an emotionally liberating age.
And I worked my way through college waiting tables myself, I was even a cocktail waittress. But I got fired because I threw a drink on a man who did something vulgar. (funny I can't remember now) but yes, as the only girl with three brothers, I guess I learned how to stick up for myself. haha..But I do always think you can judge someone by their kindness to servers.
I'm glad you're taking part in this challenge Cathi, I hope it continues to lift you out of your funk. It takes time.
Leslie (aka gwen moss)


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