Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 6: What do I do?

Day 6: If you couldn't answer with your job,
how would you answer the question,
"What do you do?"

Hmmm....a great question, for sure.  Here goes:

I do Mama Bear really good - I rejoice in all the happy times my kids have and hurt so badly when they are going thru tough times.  When they were young - you didn't dare mess with my babies, but as they got older - I had to learn to step back and let them solve their own troubles and that my friends was and is the
hardest thing to do.  You just want to hold onto them forever and have everything be ok.

I procrastinate VERY WELL....haha...

I am a cup half full gal at all times.  Even in the worst of times, I can find a ray of sunshine or something to be grateful about, as even though tough times happen - there is always someone else having a tougher time.

I ask questions - ALL THE TIME

I am an old movie buff - can't enough of them!
I get lost in my thoughts - my brain never turns off
(which can be frustrating at times too)

I do traveling really well and look forward to any all adventures

I am a dreamer

I am quite the excellent research lady. 
Give me something to research and I am in heaven.

I am a lover of life

I am an excellent partner in life and love to Alex - he is the Ying to my Yang!

I'm a pretty great friend - who will always have time for my friends no matter what.

I do smiles REALLY WELL - there is always something to smile about.

I am good at being patient

I am a FANATIC reader.  I am always reading something - it's like breathing to me!

I hold really great conversations with myself - sometimes I wish I had them recorded. 

I am an AMAZING singer (in my mind that is.....) haha!  and I sing all the time when I'm walking and driving in the car

I am a pretty good housekeeper and like organization. 

I laugh ALOT!

All in all, what I do is ENJOY EACH MOMENT, love with all my heart, am kind to everyone I come across, am grateful for my health and that of my loved ones too!


simone antoniazzi said...

I LOVE this list, I can relate to so many of these!!

I laughed out loud at the "I hold great conversations with myself...." because I SO do that too LOL!! Very often I am the most sensible person I meet all day ;)

And the Mama Bear thing....yes, yes, yes, UGH :( So hard standing back but still wanting it all to be right for them.

This May challenge is fun :) XX

Leslie Harris said...

Wow. I relate to so much. Yes I'm a Mama bear at heart, forcibly restrained over the years by my own Mr. Yang. haha. I'm a old movie buff, especially Bette Davis movies. I always have a question in my head, love in depth conversations, and reading is my breathing! Except i'm terrible at organizing things, it's just too overwhelming for my dreamy side. (my excuse) Thanks for sharing this Cathi, I loved it!
Leslie (Gwen Moss)

Lori said...

Love this Cathi ~ I can relate to so many things ~ reading is like breathing ~ yes and I do my best singing alone in the car. xoxo

Rebekka said...

I love the idea of answering the question of "what do you do?" without focusing on your job right away. I'm going to try to remember that next time somebody asks me! It's nice to be thought of as a person, rather than a career :)

Anonymous said...

Great list Cathi! I think you and I would make beautiful music together if we were stranded somewhere -- we're very much alike...well, with the exception of the housework bit...a necessary evil that must be done in my book! ;)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Cathi ........ so many similarities to me..... cup always half full if not overflowing, travel, lost in ones thoughts, and give me something to research and I'm off !!!!
So sorry that i've been a bit lax in my commenting lately ..... I seem to have been a bit busy but, today I have given up to blogging and commenting !!
.... and, oh how the muscles ache today. It happens every year when I do my first blitz of the garden.We go at it, hell for leather and I always get a blister on my palm from too much digging BUT, the garden looks nice.
..... and, there's still much to be done but that's gardening for you.
Even if I don't comment Cathi, I am always thinking of my blogging buddies.
Lots of love and have a lovely week.
Oh, and hope that Alex is now fully recovered. XXXX

Maria at inredningsvis said...

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