Sunday, May 5, 2013

day 5: blogger love...

Day 5: Blogger Love

I have been reading Olivia's blog, Everyday Musings for well over four years now.  I've watched her go from a college student in Charleston blogging about sunset bike rides, weekend trips to the Farmers Market, adventures with her friends and especially her adorable family, all the wonderful meals and delicious baking she does.  A few years ago, after graduating from college she took a 2 or 3 month trip to Europe - she traveled to Spain with her grandmother, met friends in France for a week or two stay in a Paris apartment.  While in France, she was an au pair and took a fabulous food course with some wonderful chefs.

  She definitely lives by the motto of: Live like you mean it!

Now she is a freelance photographer who takes gorgeous, dreamy photos for weddings, delicious photos of fabulous meals and the people behind the meals, plus so much more.  She is just returning from a wonderful trip to Iceland with her boyfriend and I can't wait to see all the photos.  I have been following her adventures on Instagram and they've been nothing short of amazing!!  She's done quite a bit in her young life and I feel like such a proud parent watching her grow into a beautiful, talented young woman. 

Be sure to stop by her blog: Everyday Musings to check out her beautiful photos!

(photo via here)


slsmyth said...

Quite inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!

simone antoniazzi said...

She does write a great blog Cathi, I totally agree....I used to read it way back when she used to make those lovely cake-stands....then I discovered her again recently when I found a wedding she had photographed. I was not in the least surprised that she's now a professional photographer, she's very talented.

Great post Xx

Lori said...

Wow ~ I love that we have been with so many of these bloggers through the years Cathi. I can see why you would feel like a proud Mama. Happy Sunday. xo


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