Tuesday, June 25, 2013

catching up....

Hello again.  It seems this month has flown right by and I have

found myself pretty busy with activities - nothing wrong with that right?

Spending time with girlfriends at dinner, concerts and road trips

I've been up north not once but twice this past month.  I've

been reacquainting myself with the beautiful city of San Francisco

as Steff's friend, Brooke lives up there and we have been having lots of fun

visiting her and exploring San Francisco learning about new areas and

being tourists in the old familiar "must see" places too!

Although my visits have been quick, I've been able to spend time

with my kids which always fills my heart with so much joy.

And the icing on a very fun month was welcoming my great nephew, Mateo Hunter into 

our family last night.  He is Mia's new little brother and I know she will

be such a loving and nurturing big sister to this beautiful little boy.  He weighed

in at a very healthy 8lbs. 9oz and his mom, Denise is doing fabulous!  My

sister has been very lucky in the grandparent department - in the last two years

she has had FOUR grandchildren to love and cuddle with.  I can't

wait to meet this little guy and play with Mia, Mason & Hudson too! 

Happy days, friends!

(photos 1-4 via here and photo of Mateo from my niece, Christy)


Lori said...

You have been a busy girl but that is what this time of year is all about! Mateo is adorable xo

slsmyth said...

Whew!! You have had one very busy month -- but it all sounds so enjoyable! And that little Mateo -- that look on his face..it's priceless!! Hope the remainder of your summer is as enjoyable as this last month has been! xo


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