Monday, November 18, 2013

hope and a favor....

Two weeks ago today - my friend/co-worker/like-my-brother, Rocco went in
the hospital for a very serious and complicated surgery.  He has been
in a coma since then.  He was stabilizing the first week after a very
frightening 48 hours and things were looking good.  We felt comfortable
enough to head out on our long awaited trip to New York and kept in touch
with his family several times a day while we were away.  This week has
been a roller coaster ride, but I have hope and refuse to give up on him.
On Saturday, I sat at the hospital with his sisters talking to him, joking with
him and frankly telling him he has had enough sleep and its time to wake up.
His sister was reading him Peter Pan, as it was a fave book of his as a child and
I just thought that was such a sweet thing to do and to witness.  We all shared stories
about him, and all agreed that he will be none to thrilled that we did when he wakes up.
I just talked to his sister a few minutes ago and he is still holding his own.  He is stubborn
and tends to like to do things the hard way - but that attitude shows his fighting spirit.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers - he means the world to us!
Enjoy each moment!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Cathi …. all that I can say is that I'm thinking of him and all of his family and friends …… keep that positive thinking going and HOPE !
Tell him from me that if he doesn't wake up soon, I'm coming over there !!
Keep positive Cathi ….. I know that you will NEVER give up on him. Much love. XXXX

simone antoniazzi said...

Oh Cathi, I am really sorry to read this, I will be thinking of Rocco & hope that he is back talking to you again very very soon.
You are all in my thoughts, lots of love Xx

Sherry Smyth said...

Yes to the prayers and yes to hope and yes to those who love us never giving up on us. xo

Leslie Harris said...

Absolutely Cathi. I will be sending Rocco and his family my prayers for a full recovery. I'm so very sorry to hear his story.

Lori said...

Oh sweetie ~ I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and sending you a big hug xoxo


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